What is the digital world?

Summation 1 – Written Summary: What is the Digital World?

The term ‘digital world’ describes the current world that we currently live in, a world that we have voluntarily encompassed with technology. This term refers to the continuous and consistent development of new technologies and being constantly updated within our lives (IGI Global, 2017, para 1). It has come to a point where our lives cannot function smoothly anymore without technology, as our career, social and school life has become greatly dependent on technological devices. Within our day-to-day lives, digital devices play a significant role in our lives, whether it’s to communicate with friends or colleagues, to complete assessments or homework, gaining knowledge or for entertainment, technology has become essential for our lives to function properly. It is thanks to the creation of smartphones, laptops, tablets and televisions that we are capable of achieving a more sufficient and simplified lifestyle (Abelow, n.d.).

After the input of technology in our world, our lives have improved and become a lot easier in completing certain tasks. Unlike the past we don’t use clocks and watches anymore, we rely on smartphones to remind us the time and rely on it’s alarm to wake us up in the morning (Kendrick, 2013, para 4-13). Sending messages and communicating with friends and families from the other side of the world has become a lot more efficient and faster, for the creation of laptops and smartphones. Where social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger could be used to for socialising. Laptops and computers can not only entertain us but also aid our school life and work life in helping us with researching for information.

This following image of an infographic demonstrates how dependant we are on technology.


(Are you a nomophobe?, n.d.)

As we grow more and more reliant on technology, teachers are required to adapt technology, digital pedagogy into teaching. Teachers must have a sufficient understanding and knowledge of the utilisation of technical devices within their lessons, hence they must find an appropriate method of incorporating them into their lesson plan for the expectation of further development of their students (Howell, 2012, p. 5).


(Cagle Cartoons, 2010)


Below is a blog on the importance of digital fluency:





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